Durham Bulls Voucher Fundraiser

Dear Parents:

It is time for our Almost Annual Durham Bulls 2016 Ticket Fundraising Program.

Here is how the program works:  You must complete the Online Order Form below and then vouchers can be picked up upon receipt of full payment during choir between 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.   Each voucher ordered is $10.00.  You can return any unsold vouchers to the choir for a full refund NO LATER THAN Monday, May 2 (the last rehearsal).   $5.00 of each sold voucher will be deposited in your child’s individual fundraising account.

**I have in my possession the first 250 vouchers.  These will go quickly as it will just be enough for choir parents. Please get your orders in early and then we can replenish.**

Please note:

  1. Every guest must have a ticket to attend our performance on 5/ 22.  There are no “lap babies”.
  2. The choir will purchase your singer’s ticket.
  3. The vouchers you are selling are not dated for our specific performance on 5/22.  The voucher says:  Admission for any Sunday – Thursday 2016 regular season game.  Redeemable at the Bulls Box Office; seating locations and game dates based on availability.
  4. On the night of our performance, the choir will have our own WILL CALL table to exchange your voucher for a ticket.  YOU MUST PRESENT YOUR VOUCHER.  From experience, there are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Do not buy a ticket for your singer.

Should you have any further questions, please call Robin Oglesby, 317-748-2490.