Financial Information

  • Overview
  • Tuition & Fees
  • Wardrobe Expenses
  • Travel Expenses
  • Financial Responsibilities


Total costs for participating in the CCGC include:

  • Tuition & Fees
  • Wardrobe
  • Travel Expenses

Some of the travel expenses can be offset through fundraising.


The tuition and fees for the CCGC year, which runs in conjunction with the traditional school year, are as follows:

  • Girls Chorus: $475
  • Girls Chorale: $625
  • Cantabile Singers: $650

Sibling Discounts: $100 per family for a second singer, $150 per family for three or more singers participating in the choir

For new singers, a $200 deposit is due within one week of receiving an invitation to join one of the CCGC choirs or one week after attending the required Parent Orientation session. For returning singers, a $200 deposit is due no later than July 1, unless singers are invited to audition for the next level. All $200 deposits are non-refundable.

CCGC will continue to collect the $200 initial deposit so that we know which singers will participate. We will also collect payments for some other expenses, but we will make sure that you know where to make those payments.

The CCGC Board of Directors and Meredith College instituted a $25 tuition increase for the 2010-2011 Season to cover increasing costs. The new payment schedule includes the costs of annual events for the Girls Chorale and Cantabile Singers, specifically the retreats, PICCF, and Advanced Vocal Clinic (ACW).


Parent volunteers will measure the singers before rehearsals early in the year. Wardrobe costs must be paid in advance. A sale of previously owned wardrobe items is held prior to the ordering of new items. This is an opportunity to defray the cost of performance attire as the singers grow, and to make good use of well maintained clothing.

Some wardrobe items will not be needed immediately. They will be ordered as needed.

The costs below are an estimate and may vary year to year. See the Wardrobe page for detailed information about all the required items.

  • Girls Chorus: $
  • Girls Chorale: $
  • Cantabile Singers: $


The Girls’ Chorale and the Cantabile Singers are traveling choirs, and all members are expected to participate in all performances, both in town and out of town. We anticipate some traveling every year and are committed to a major trip every other summer. It is not expected that both choirs will have major trips during the same year. To minimize travel expenses, we will not schedule overseas tours more than once every four to six years. By accepting a position in the Girls’ Chorale or the Cantabile Singers, choir members and their parents make a commitment to travel both in state and out of state and possibly abroad. Due to space limitations, parents may not be able to accompany their children on trips.


  • Participation will not be allowed until the initial deposit is made to CCGC. The initial deposit must be received for any participation to begin with CCGC.
  • New members to CCGC may withdraw before their third rehearsal by notifying the respective VP, Choir Director, and Administrator. After the third rehearsal, you will be responsible for the entire yearly tuition.
  • Returning CCGC members are responsible for the full yearly tuition once rehearsals have begun.
  • No refunds will be made for withdrawals. All balances must be paid prior to the start of the second semester rehearsals.
  • Any unpaid member balance over 30 days past due must be received for participation to continue with CCGC.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the choir, you must notify the Administrator at, You will still be responsible for the entire yearly tuition.