Rehearsals for Chorus and Cantabile are held in Room 121 on the first floor of Jones at Meredith College. Chorale rehearsals will be held in 106 Wainwright. Please refer to the map on page 16. Singers must check in with the Rehearsal Assistant for their choir in the Wainwright Lobby before rehearsal begins (Chorus rehearsal begins promptly at 4:30, Chorale and Cantabile begin promptly at 6:00). The Rehearsal Assistant documents attendance, collects monies and forms, and distributes correspondence. After rehearsal has begun, the Rehearsal Assistant calls the homes of absent singers to ensure that all singers have arrived safely at rehearsal and that there has not been a transportation snafu or misunderstanding about the attendance policy.

Each rehearsal is an important one. It will consist of vocal instruction, music reading skills, basic musicianship, and choral training. Because of the high quality of performance expected, attendance at all rehearsals is expected.

Rehearsal schedules will be issued at the beginning of the year. Rehearsals may be scheduled on teacher workdays. Please check your CCGC calendar before assuming that rehearsals are not being held.

It is essential that every minute of our rehearsal is used wisely. We request that CCGC members get into the habit of arriving in plenty of time to accomplish the following before rehearsal time:

Check in with rehearsal assistant and turn in any forms, payments, or paperwork that is due (if there is no rehearsal assistant, please wait quietly in the lobby until that person arrives) Use the restroom Be in seat when rehearsals begin

All singers are expected to have the following at each rehearsal:

  • a pencil
  • a notebook (3-ring, one-inch binder)
  • CCGC music folder and music
  • water bottle

Each girl should bring to every rehearsal, a notebook in which she will keep various pages of vocal exercises, theory, rhythm, and Solfege work. We will refer to these pages on a weekly basis. It is therefore important to bring the notebook to EVERY rehearsal.

CCGC members are reminded that food, drinks, and gum are not allowed at either rehearsals or performances; however, water bottles are permitted at rehearsals. Singers are expected to demonstrate personal responsibility at all times. Please remember to bring a small three-ring notebook (one inch) and a pencil to all rehearsals! We expect all CCGC members to behave appropriately while participating in choir activities. We share the Meredith facilities with many other people and there may be activities occurring simultaneously. Please behave accordingly. Recitals and other performances often take place in Carswell. If necessary, check-in may be moved to the rehearsal rooms.


Girls can be dropped off and picked up in the traffic circle at the entrance to Wainwright Lobby (across from the lake). There is no parking allowed in this loading zone. Monday afternoon CCGC traffic jams have been a problem in the past, especially since Chorus pickup and Chorale and Cantabile drop off occur simultaneously. Parents and children need to remember that we are guests on the campus, and most problems can be alleviated by exercising common courtesy:

Quick drop off—girls should be ready to exit from the car, and not need time to find their CCGC notebook while others wait. Park in the visitor parking spaces if you or your daughter needs extra time. Girls should watch for their rides at pick up time so that the line of cars can move quickly. Parents should be prompt at pick up times. Remember that a Rehearsal parent must wait with each and every child until their rides come. Rehearsal Assistants have already donated about 2 hours of their time to your daughter that day. It is impolite to keep them waiting because of lack of planning on your part.

Carpools are encouraged. See the CCGC Directory for families living near you, or for school based carpools.


CCGC families will receive a “Capital City Girls Choir” card for display when parking on campus. Please park in one of the 22 “Visitor Parking” spaces on East Campus Drive. Do not park in the Commuter parking lots or in “Reserved” spaces. Security will ticket your car for parking improperly.


Depending on the performance schedule, extra rehearsals may be required. Parents will be notified in advance of the additional rehearsal.


When Wake County Public Schools close due to inclement weather, CCGC will not meet. Parents will be notified in advance of any other cancelled rehearsals. Please check our telephone message at 760 – CCGC or this website for cancellation information.