We have developed a plan for this coming choir season that will prioritize the safety of all our families while still fulfilling our mission to offer high quality vocal training, music education, social connection, and community outreach opportunities to all our students. Due to the pandemic and potential elevated risks of spreading germs through the act of singing, it will take extra time for it to be safe for choirs to meet in person. The great news is that regardless of the medium for teaching, Capital City Girls Choir will continue to provide valuable music training, a unique creative outlet, and much-needed opportunities for connection.


We plan to organize the 2020-2021 Season in trimesters, based on holidays and the local school calendars, which will enable us to set deadlines of how to safely conduct the upcoming trimester of rehearsals. Your conductors and board members continue to stay abreast of the most current research involving singing and recommendations for the best medium in which to continue at a given time or season, while also adhering to the policies set in place by Meredith College, and state guidelines and recommendations from the NCDHHS and the CDC. Our trimesters will run as follows:

  • August 24 – October 12
  • October 26 – February 8
  • February 22 – May 10


Through engaging, fun, and challenging activities, CCGC is pleased to share that our online rehearsals will offer the following:

Voice Building – Members will develop and improve techniques in the areas of breathing, alignment, production, tone, resonance, flexibility, and range

Music Literacy
– Members will learn and understand music theory, ear training, and music reading skills

Vocal Repertoire – Using skills in vocal technique and music reading, members will study diverse choral repertoire spanning a variety of genres and time periods

Guest Clinicians – Members will meet and learn from guest clinicians on a variety of music-related topics

Performance Projects – Members wills create video-based performances as well as in-person performances, when safe

Choral Connection – Members will enjoy a time of sharing, virtual games, and fun challenges with their choir friends

Community Outreach – Members will have opportunities to reach out to the community in significant and safe ways


We believe that our students need to continue to sing, grow, and have meaningful connections. CCGC is committed to being here for your singer by facilitating these valuable experiences. In order for our program to thrive and for each family to be able to continue to participate, we have made the following alterations to our program for the 2020-2021 Season:


The Monday rehearsal times for each ensemble have been slightly altered for the online environment.

Chorus – 4:45-5:30pm
Chorale – 5:30-6:45pm
Cantabile – 6:00-7:15pm


We want to thank you for continuing to entrust us with your singers, while also acknowledging that financial hardships may be more prevalent at this time. It is our hope that every singer can continue to be with us at CCGC, even if they are experiencing a time of financial stress or discomfort. At CCGC, we believe that tuition and fees associated with being part of our choirs should never keep a singer from participating. We are able to offer scholarships for annual tuition. This information will remain private and the decision will be made by a scholarship committee advised by the Head of the Meredith College Music Department. If you are in need of financial assistance, please fill out this Scholarship application on our website and email it to the CCGC Board President at
We are working with Meredith College and can provide more details regarding exact tuition amounts and payment schedule prior to the start of the season.


It is our deepest hope that families and singers will continue to find that participating in virtual rehearsals with Capital City Girls Choir is a valuable and worthwhile experience. We acknowledge the virtual experience can never replace the camaraderie and music-making that can happen in person, but we are committed to making each student’s experience the best it can possibly be until in-person rehearsals are safe for everyone. We have many exciting activities and lessons planned for each choir, which we believe will only serve to improve our skills and readiness until we are together again.